20 February 2012

Choosing her Own Headband

Lyla hates hats. She'll tolerate one for barely 10 seconds before she rips it off. So imagine my surprise last week when she came crawling into the kitchen with this on her head.

She had got hold of one of the headbands I wear to work out, somehow put it on her head, and left it there.

It stayed on her head through a trip out to dinner (we went to Jack's Prime and she stole both of our straws), all the way up to bath time.

I'd like to think she purposely put it there, but I'm afraid not. More likely it accidentally landed on her head and she couldn't feel it. Still, it looked really cute. I'm scheming a way to put one on her again.


  1. I don't think it was an accident; I think she was copying you!