08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day- A Poop Story

Happy Mother's Day to all the current and future Mommies!

I'd like to share a story about my morning a few days ago. Warning to future moms- this may freak you out. The current moms should definetly relate- and hopefully laugh.


On this particular morning, Lyla napped for just one hour (sometimes she takes a 1 hour morning nap, sometimes 2 hours, depending on how tired she is). I was just stepping out of the shower when I heard her cry. I grabbed and dressed her (since I hadn't before the nap) in a little dress and diaper cover. I dressed myself, and a trip to the grocery store was on the agenda so I got us assembled and in the car. Turning the car on, I remember that I need to get gas, so we stop there first.

While filling the tank, I notice how much chillier it is. The past few days have been really hot, but it's at least 15 degrees cooler, and windy. After filling the tank, I go back to the house to change Lyla and get a sweater for me. She's fussing a little but that happens sometimes when she's in and out of the carseat. I change her into pants and long sleeves and head out for the second time.

We arrive in the grocery store parking lot; I put on the baby carrier and grab Lyla. A moment later I notice wetness, and realize with horror that it's not just wet. It's poop wet, and a lot of it- as in running down her pant leg and on her foot and on my hand and on the baby carrier. [At times like this I freeze for a second, trying to decide what to do.] I put a blanket in the trunk of the car and place Lyla on top. Poor thing, the sun was in her eyes and I tried to block it with my body while assessing the situation. It's a doozy, the worst blowout we've ever had in public.

Worst of all, I only have the backpack diaper bag with me which is equipped with diapers and wipes only- no change of clothes, no plastic bag for dirty things. Lyla has poop everywhere, somehow it went straight out the side and it's all up and down her legs and back. I clean her up as best I can with the wipes and a new diaper, but I have no fresh clothes for her. All I can do is put her back in the carseat naked, with another blanket over her. She leaked on the carseat before I picked her up, it's soiled and must be laundered asap. I throw all the dirty stuff into one of the many reusable bags I keep in the car, and head home for the second time.

Once there I put Lyla straight into the bath, and pull off the carseat cushion to wash (which I've never done). Spot cleaning is recommended, but there is no way I could get away with that.

In the end we didn't get the errand done (although the gas tank is full), and I've never been more covered in poop in public. It was gross but we survived. These situations require humor, and even in the moment I did think it was pretty funny. So Happy Mother's Day- if this has happened to you I hope I gave you a good laugh. If it hasn't, well, I hope it doesn't but in reality it probably will!



  1. Im not sure if my comment posted? Happy mamas day!

  2. What a perfect Mother's Day Post!

  3. haha I have done the naked-in-carseat trick before as well:) Can't get over those adorable cheeks! Happy Mother's Day!