08 March 2011

Lyla's Baptism

Lyla was baptised this Sunday at the noon mass at St. Gregory's Church in San Mateo. Both of our families- my parents and brothers, Ray's parents and sister- attended. It took a lot of preparation, but it was well worth it and the day was memorable and happy.

My Mom sewed the beautiful gown she wore. We chose the simple pattern together and she selected a beautiful silk fabric. The day was cold so Lyla wore a little sweater over it. And initially, a bib to keep her clean for as long as possible. :)

After mass everyone came to our house for lunch. I put the whole thing together myself with a little help from my mom and mother-in-law. We had three kinds of sandwiches, salad, fruit, and these beautiful mini cupcakes from Sibby's Cupcakery.

This was only Lyla's second time in church, but she was quiet and very well behaved. She made faces at my oldest brother Chris and played with her favorite toys.

Chris and Ray's sister Jackie stood up as her godparents.

She was calm the whole time we were standing before the congregation, despite the sea of faces staring back at her. And no tears, even when I tipped her back and Father Mark poured the holy water on her head.

Just a look on her face that said, "what the heck is going on?!"

I wanted to give Lyla something from the Greek Orthodox side of my family, so she wore the cross my grandmother brought me from Cyprus. Now it belongs to my daughter.
Some other nice pictures from the day:


  1. I just love the pictures! She is such an angel. And those cupcakes!!! nom nom. Glad it was a fabulous day

  2. What a beautiful gown your mom sewed! Kudos on putting lunch together for a crowd, too. You and Lyla look great!

  3. Ava's baptism was almost a year ago, and I still remember how special it was. Lyla is so cute, and you have never looked more beautiful Sarah!

  4. Beautiful photos Sarah!

    Excercise isn't going well because I'm a slacker! : /

    I can tell that you are enjoying life with your sweet girl!! You BOTH looked sooo beautiful in your outfits : )