23 February 2011

First time in the Johnny-Jump-Up

This contraption is called by a few names, but I know it as the Johnny-Jump-Up. My youngest brother Matthew enjoyed one in our house in Atlanta, a simple seat attached to the doorway by sturdy strings.

Like most baby toys, these are now equipped with a lot more bells and whistles. Lyla is still so small, but her head strength is very good and we can adjust it low enough so her feet touch the floor. She doesn't understand how to bounce yet but she'll figure it out.

Our house is very small, so the best part for us is that it takes up almost no space, unlike some of the other options (ok the doorway, but I can slip by and there is another door on the other side of my kitchen).



  1. Sarah, just wanted to send some virtual support re: letting Lyla cry a bit at bedtime. As you may have gathered from my blog, Finn is an extremely poor sleeper and always has been. It doesn't seem like Lyla has his same issues (does she have any self-soothing ability? even a little is better than none!) but regardless it is so tough to watch them struggle to calm themselves. We went through hell with Finn for a few months before finally letting him cry it out at 4 months. It broke my heart and I had to leave the house (I was completely opposed to crying it out before I had a baby who would not sleep!), but we literally had no other options...I read all the major sleep books and tried all the tricks--routines, attachment objects, graduated crying, etc, but our little guy is very strong-willed and eventually we had to go cold turkey. I hope things go easier with Lyla, email me if you ever have questions!