12 February 2011

12 Weeks

Times marches on, so I knew this day would come eventually. I just didn't know how.

12 Saturdays ago Lyla was born. Somehow we've come from this

to this

Today she is an expressive, smart, and terribly cute little girl.

She bats wildly at the toys on her play mat and has conversations with the octopus over her head.

She sits in her Bumbo seat in the morning and evening, but never in between.

She stares up at me while in the carseat or nursing and makes faces and smiles.

She loves to sleep in her swing, a place that she's starting to grow out of.

She can go from happy to screaming her head off in a few seconds. She has a cry for annoyance, a cry for impatience, one for hunger, one for dirty diaper, and one for fatigue.

She doesn't like too many faces in hers, and she squeals and shrieks when she is starting to feel overanalyzed.

Her beautiful hair is long enough for a tiny hair clip now.

She has outgrown newborn clothes so now we're in 3 months and up, and size 1 diapers.

If you put your nose to her mouth, she will give it a good lick.

When she wakes up she will make noises but sit quietly for the most part until Mommy comes. Then she'll smile and wriggle her eagerness to get up. She'll have her diaper changed, eat, then have an enormous poop and need to be changed again. Every single day.

Technically she'll be 3 months old next Sunday, but the 12-week milestone is huge for me. We made it through the fourth trimester.

I am Lyla. Hear me roar.


  1. oh my gosh! She is so precious. My favorite part: "If you put your nose to her mouth, she will give it a good lick. " hahaha

  2. She is so precious! I have to meet her! And congrats to mommy. You made it!
    I love catching up on your blog. I'm up waiting to see if ana can put herself back to sleep after an early am feeding. Fingers crossed.