09 January 2011

Leaps and Bounds

I can't believe Lyla will be 8 weeks old next week!!! She'll hit 2 months by calendar date 5 days later but I'm more excited about the weeks.
She's growing lots, probably 8 pounds and some ounces. I can definitely tell when she lays across my lap to nurse. Some clothes are getting a little snug, like this newborn shirt~

Her face and body are chubby with lots of rolls- cleaning in her neck crevices is quite a challenge! And speaking of baths, she still doesn't like them- but she gets one every other day now because #1, it helps both of us get used to them, and #2, they are needed to combat the spit-up residue that ferments into a nice cheesyness. On day 1 her neck is a little sour-milky, but by the end of day 2 it's more like parmesan. She also has so much hair, it's nice to wash it.
Lots of smiles! Lots and lots of them, and little cooing sounds. I know she's talking to me, I just don't know what she's saying. Especially on the changing table, she really likes being there. I don't blame her, getting a fresh diaper must feel really nice.

Her neck control is really good. I can tell when she's feeling tired because it starts to bobble more, but she is able to hold her own head and look around when you carry her upright on the shoulder or in front of you.

And also sit in her Bumbo seat. Lyla has been spending more and more time there.

I think its use typically begins with older babies, but she likes it when I put it on the kitchen counter so she can look around. I like it because it gives a little more time to prepare food. And how cute does she look?

Last weekend we took Lyla to her first restaurant- Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay. The weather was really beautiful, clear and crisp. We ate outside for lunch, and Lyla got her first glimpse of the ocean.

She did ok- I held and nursed her most of the meal, to soothe as much as feed her. Lots of new sights, smells and bright light! I found it challenging to balance her, shield her from the sun, and eat at the same time. But it worked, and we had a nice lunch.

Last night we went out a second time, grabbing an early dinner close to home. She fell asleep in her carseat for much of dinner before waking up and needing some soothing. Not bad though! I want to continue taking her out so she is used to it and becomes comfortable in restaurants.
She falls asleep on errands more, and is less upset about being in the carseat. Here she is in Target this week, snoozing away.

And oh dear, she does like the TV. The movement and colors catch her eye and she likes to sit in my lap on the couch and stare at it. We won't let her watch so much when she gets older, that's for sure!

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  1. Ok, she is adorable but YOU look fabulous! Happy, healthy....just lovely :) Glad she is doing so well in public. And growing! It must be so exciting