18 December 2010

One Month Old!

Lyla is 4 weeks old today. It's hard to imagine it's been a month since she was born. It seems like yesterday- and also a thousand years ago.

She has already changed so much in four short weeks- she's getting plump and a little less of a baby blob. A little less waking time is spent crying, and a little more being quietly alert. Every morning after a diaper change and nursing, she spends a little time on her play mat while I make some breakfast.

Mostly she watches the lights and listens to the music, but she did reach for the rattle one time!

She loves to fall asleep on our chests, especially after eating.

2 weeks ago Lyla HATED having her diaper changed. She hated having her clothes changed even more. Now she doesn't mind; she loves to stare at the black and white photograph hanging over the changing table.

She can even bit a bit of a ham first thing in the morning before her first diaper change.

In the 'morning' (relative term= last wake-up before daytime begins for us):
This face says "Oh hi, you're up too!"

She can even sit in her Bumbo seat! She holds up her head for a few moments before slumping over, but it supports her pretty well.

And just recently we discovered my nursing pillow makes a nice seat for her too.



  1. awww :) so much progress! Love her sitting in the nursing pillow- too cute