06 October 2010


I am big. And slow.
Here we go, I am feeling the slothy and slow, the tired and achy. As my doctor said this morning, it won't last long and these last 6 weeks will go fast. And despite it I feel so lucky, it could be much worse.

Honeydew and pineapple are the comparative fruits right now. Sheesh! She's also capable of remembering sounds and songs she hears. Packing on more baby fat and urinating up to a pint a day- lovely.

Our Little Chickpea:
She's moving around so much now. Not many little pokes, lots of all-over movement and shifting. Throughout the day something hard and flat will poke out of my upper-left belly: it's her little bottom! She gets the hiccups two or three times a day which is pretty funny. It's a rhythmic popping sensation. Ray has felt it at night before bed a few times, no other movement is as easy to define.

Still measuring right on with no stretch marks (yay!), my workouts since I posted on Saturday have been a little more sluggish. I'm feeling tired and weary about 70% of the time and good for the rest which isn't too shabby. The shirt I'm wearing today is not maternity, but I do have to tug it down from time to time so my tummy doesn't hang out the bottom. I flat out refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. I'd much rather buy something new postpartum around the holidays. :-)

Her little room is nearly complete. Our hospital bags are in there along with the stroller frame and carseat; as soon as my glider arrives (which I hope is very soon!) I will post pictures.

My next doctor's appointment at 36 weeks will be much more interesting. My thyroid levels will be checked one more time, and I'll also be tested for Group B strep, a bacteria that can live in the vagina. If it's positive I'll get some antibiotics to protect Baby during delivery. I'll also have an ultrasound and pelvic exam to see exactly how she's oriented, her weight, and whether I've started dilating which means if my cervix has begun opening.


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  1. Adorable :) I can't believe how much she goes to the bathroom! That is nutso. Let us know how the appointment goes.