30 August 2010

Lunch, no. . . Shower!

Saturday lunch was supposed to be spent with my parents at their home with another couple. But when we arrived, I walked right into a surprise baby shower!

Ray was in on it, my mom and four of my closest girlfriends planned a small party, and I was blown away. When we drove up my dad and mom were acting kind of odd, but I had to pee after the long trip so didn't really notice until after.

Mom made a beautiful spread.

Deviled eggs, gazpacho, smoked salmon, cheeses, breads, and fruit.
The star was a vegetable torte made with late summer zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant- one of my all-time favorites that comes around so rarely.

We ate, chatted, and watched the great slideshow my brother put together of me as a little girl. Everyone guessed on a piece of ribbon how big around my belly is (it made me feel good that everyone guessed too big :-).

Then we opened presents. I received some wonderful gifts including the pack n play with bassinet, my diaper bag, nursing cover, and lots and lots of useful baby goodies like burp cloths, calendula cream, wipes, and baby shampoo.

There's a little family joke about the nose aspirator, (the nose sucky thing).

After presents, dessert- mini cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting, bite-sized nut brownies, and petit fours! My brothers and I loved having petit fours from the bakery when we were very little, so Mom bought some for the 'baby' theme.

Little pink clothespins- no saying "baby" or "girl" or else you lose yours. And some delicious chocolate favors from Fleur de Cocoa.

On the way home I had yet another surprise- we bought the mommy car! We'd been planning to replace my car around this time for a while, and we found the right car at a great price at a dealer in Sunnyvale. We didn't get home until after 6pm so I was starving and exhausted, but very happy after such a full day.

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  1. What a fantastic day :) Glad the shower was nice- the food looks wonderful. And the car! I love the color.