31 August 2010

Feelings on the Third Trimester

I've just entered the last third of this rollercoaster and this is what I've noticed so far:
  • I'm feeling the extra weight on my body. More specifically, I'm feeling HER weight and the weight of my uterus on my abs and back.
  • My heart rate goes higher with much less effort during exercise. I have less lung capacity but my heart and lungs are well-trained and efficient. Also, lifting my knees is getting harder because, well, my belly is in the way!
  • Trips to the bathroom are RIDICULOUS. I often loath being out of the house simply for the inconvenience of being away from a bathroom which is the most annoying thing ever.
  • Prolactin levels are increasing which may cause leakage of colostrum (the nutrient-rich substance that comes in before milk) from the breasts. I haven't had any leakage but a bit of dry crustiness- kind of like boogers. Sexy.
  • Also from the prolactin, I'm feeling more sleepy throughout the day again.
  • I'm having some crazy dreams that I'm remembering more. In particular this week dreaming of Ray and I not being together anymore, he actually being with another woman who is having fertility treatments done (!!); another night I had some weird dreams about my mom. My subconscious is feeling insecure?!
  • The past two nights as well, I've been a bit uncomfortable laying on my left side which is the preferred side for circulation. This is odd, I'm going to call my doctor's office about that and report back.

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  1. So interesting to hear about all this! Those boob boogers do sound sexy ;) Gosh...I can't wait for all that (whenever the time comes!!)