09 July 2010

The Crib- First Step in Nursery Making


Ray and I picked and ordered our crib and changing table shortly before the babymoon. After much searching and one false pick, we selected the Kendall Fixed Gate 3-in-1 crib and the Catalina Extra-Wide Dresser/Changing Table (both made by Pottery Barn Kids).

The pieces were supposed to arrive in late July and early August, but surprise surprise, the crib was ready early and delivered today! I did some rearranging in the room so we could put it exactly where it will go, and the delivery service assembled it for us which was a big plus.

Here's a shot of the room now:

The baby's room will take over what has been the workout room up to now. Ray also had weights and a bench in here, but they have been cleared out to make room for the crib. I hadn't planned on starting the conversion process for a while yet, but with the crib it's starting to be set in motion. All of these things will be gone- the weights, the TV, the mirror, the pictures on the wall, and the carpet. Painting the walls is probably next on the list, but I will be able to continue exercising in here for another two months or so (I hope).

For now, I keep going into the room just to look at the crib sitting there.

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  1. how exciting! Must make it feel more real!!! The crib is beautiful