21 July 2010

23 Weeks

1 week away from 6 months. Woo hoo!!

This top is one of my favorites right now, partly because it is not maternity and it still fits which makes me feel good. :-) Here's the first belly shot. Pregnant bellies are cute but I think they are better looking when covered.

As you can see size fluctuates throughout the day. Until now I've taken pictures at the end of the day; I took these at about 10:30 am, before lunch. I think I look smaller here than in the photos from a few weeks ago. Food and liquids definitely cause expansion. For consistency I'll try to do pictures in the morning from now on.


The past few days, Baby's movement has become stronger- when I'm trying to go to sleep. She's awake at night and seems to be doing somersaults as I'm settling down for the night. And again after my 4:00am bathroom trip which is just a little annoying. I'm not a nocturnal person, so I'm hoping this little habit won't last the entire remaining 17 weeks.

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  1. You look fantastic (as always)! That top is so cute. Did you get your hair cut too? I really like the length and the flip up!