18 July 2010

22 Weeks, 4 Days

I've gotten noticeably bigger the past few days. It's hot out today, boy am I thankful I'm not farther along now because I'd be that much more uncomfortable. My feet are a bit swollen despite sitting for much of the afternoon, it must be from the temperature. I'm feeling tired more easily; I pushed my workout a little too hard this morning I think- it would have been a piece of cake normally, but I think my lung capacity has decreased because my heart rate shot much higher and more quickly. That may be why I've felt sleepy and lazy today. And its Sunday. And it was my brother's birthday so we spend the day at my parents' house where I ate Mom food for lunch and tea. :-) Grilled steak, pasta risotto, roasted broccoli, and apple pie. Ha! Maybe that's why I'm feeling bigger.
Before I was pregnant, I consumed more on the weekends because it was treats time, and less during the week. In the end it all evened out. I'm following a similar pattern now, so I will probably feel less like an elephant by Tuesday.

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  1. You look adorable! Glad you had fun with the family. mmm pasta risotto sounds just awesome. Take it easy :)