06 June 2010

Barbies and Ballerinas

A baby girl!!
A 4D ultrasound revealed the gender to us this weekend.
Ballerinas and Barbies, My-Little-Pony and Strawberry Shortcake will play a role in our future, no doubt about it.

I am thrilled of course; I would be happy with any healthy child, but the past few weeks I have begun to hope for a daughter. From the beginning I had a feeling it was a girl and to know that my intuition was right is pretty amazing. We've started playing the name game and fairly quickly agreed on a first name between us- pretty miraculous since we can hardly agree on anything sometimes! We're 98% positive on it and are toying with a few middle names, but will likely keep them to ourselves for a little while.

Yesterday we made our annual visit to the Foster City Art & Wine Festival. This year we had the company of our friends Dan and Linda. Linda is due with their first child in late August, (also a girl! yay for the girls!) and we make kind of a cute pair if I do say so myself.
Me at 16 weeks and 3 days, Linda at 27 weeks. She looks amazing!

I've always said I wouldn't be terribly girly if we had a daughter, but I find myself thinking of ballerinas and other fun things right now! Perhaps it is the initial joy and will wear off. Still, it feels so good being able to say "she" with confidence, and even have a possible name to whisper in private.


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  1. ah! You both look fabulous. Cute lil bellies. Congratulations again. I could not be happier for you two!